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      XiaoSenChangrong (Xiamen) Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd., Abbreviation as "XiaoSen" company.  "XiaoSen" company is a scientific and technological manufacturing enterprise specializing in intelligent packing equipment for the preservation of agricultural products and ingredients. The company has strong technical strength, has decades of experience in manufacturing equipment, senior engineer design, technology development, team talent, and innovation as its own responsibility. Products are mainly used in agricultural products, clean vegetables, edible mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, food materials, fresh meat, cooked aquatic products, dried foods, medicinal materials and other products. Intelligent packing equipment for low-temperature preservation, safety and hygiene, and long-term storage of fresh food materials enters a new life field.
     Our product packing covers many industries such as agricultural products, food materials, food, medical supplies, etc. Our equipment are exported to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and many other regions, with excellent product performance and perfect remote cloud technology modularization, Convenient and efficient after-sales quality service has been recognized and praised by customers from domestic and foreign country.
     "XiaoSen”Company follows all the business tenet of taking customer satisfaction as its main responsibility, authentic goods at a fair price, precise workmanship and innovation, and safeguarding customer interests. Adopt advanced high-end technological achievements from domestic, European, American, and Japanese , improve the technical performance and reliability of the product for online packing production,
improves operations by intelligent automated assembly packing cost performance , on the basis of our own technology, develop and manufacture high-quality, cost-effective intelligent automatic packing equipment, which meets customer needs for the preservation of agricultural products and ingredients. Welcome all customers to visit our company for guidance and negotiation!