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Fresh Meat Tray Packaging Machine MAP Beef Steak Packing

Admin:infoDate:2021-09-17 Views

Information Abstract:

Fresh Meat Tray Packaging Machine/MAP Beef Steak Packing/Stand Alone Modified Atmosphere Tray Sealer/Tray Sealing Machinery/Fresh-Keeping Packaging Equipment

Fresh Meat Tray Packaging Machine
MAP Beef Steak Packing


Die Plates Available Format


This Stand Alone MAP Tray Sealer could be used to pack various types of fresh seafood,cooked food
for fresh keeping packaging.

According to different food character, it
s fixed with different fresh protection gases and gases
mixer, which ensure that food could be reached the best status of fresh keeping.

This machine is suitable for MAP fresh-keeping packaging of cool fresh meat, cooked food, fast food,
pastry, flour, cheese, bean products, seafood and poultry. 

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