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Specialized in packing machine for 20 yearsFresh-Keeping Packing Solution for Fruits and Vegetables
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Fruit and vegetable packing machine, edible fungus packing machine,frozen food packing machine adopt complex and stable mechanical structures.It can make the product achieve perfect sealing effect and keep fresh ingredients.A good packing machine needs the investment of craftsmanship to make a superior quality product.
Manufacturer which focus on R&D fresh product and agricultural products packing machine

Factory Direct Sales/Non-standard Customization/Professional Services


Our plant and office area about 3000 square meters,factory have obtained ISO9001-2015 quality system certification

XiaoSen offer OEM service,provide non-standard customized semi-finished products to meet customer needs

  • 工厂
  • 工厂


With a experienced R&D and design team,the factory has more than 10 year manufacturing experience

XiaoSen's Equipment upgrade and design faster,maintain new product research and development,and lead new market trends

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  • 研发


Continuously develop new products and introduce new technologies,to provide high-quality packing machine for customers.

Non-standard customized products,guarantee on-time delivery and shipment,guaranteed cycle.

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  • 定制


24 hours dedicated customer service online,always answering customers questions at the first time,and providing caring services

We establish customer documents for our clients (Who purchased our machine)to regularly follow up the machine working status and serve every customer carefully

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  • 售后

We have many years of eperience in R&D Design and production. Experienced technicians,engineers and managers

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XiaoSen packing machine,vegetable packing machine,cling film packing machine,frozen trailer box packing machine etc

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Xiao Sen Chang Rong(Xiamen)Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd

XiaoSenChangrong (Xiamen) AutomaticEquipment Co., Ltd., Abbreviation as XiaoSen company. XiaoSen company is a scientific and technological manufacturing enterprise specializing in intelligent packing equipment for the preservation of agricultural products and ingredients.The company has strong technical strength, has decades of experience in manufacturing equipment, senior engineer design, technology development, team talent, and innovation as its own responsibility. Products are mainly used in agricultural products, clean vegetables, edible mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, food materials, fresh meat, cooked aquatic products, dried foods, medicinal materials and other products. Intelligent packing equipment for low-temperature preservation, safety and hygiene, and long-term storage of fresh food materials enters a new life field.